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Thanks to my rugby playing days – I have had the lateral cartilage removed from my left knee. My consultant told me my running days were over, unless I wanted a new knee??

I hadn't taken part in a triathlon for 4 years. I missed it, really missed it. When I heard Ironman 70.3 was rolling into Dublin I decided I would be at the start line… and the finish line.

A half Ironman is a big step-up from a sprint/olympic triathlon. It is definitely doable, you just have to race and train smarter. I designed my own Science based 16 week training program for this event.
The Spinning classes that I instruct in the studio combined with one endurance ride per week ensured I was reasonably happy with my bike fitness.
I hadnt swam in 2 years, and I had not ran 1 step in 4 years so I was starting from scratch on these.
Training went to plan. With a strong focus on my rest and recovery I managed to stay injury free and fresh for the 16 weeks. (juggled with small kids, a Masters and a busy timetable of classes it was important I wasn't burnt out)

Was I happy with my performance? Yes, reasonably!
Is there room for improvement? Yes, definitely!
My times are below if you are interested.
All this Ironman talk is giving me an urge to do another…. maybe in warmer climates 

Swim target 40min
Result 38min 38sec

Bike target 3hrs
Result 2hrs 47min 31sec

Run target 1hr 45min
Result 1hr 58 min 57sec

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