What I do

What I do

Sports Performance

Raise your game!

Take your team to the next level!

My sport performance training programs are science based and provide individualised training specific to the demands of your chosen sport.

Strength & Conditioning

All of our programs consist of functionally sound movement training, Strength training and conditioning with a strong emphasis on form and technique. These programs are reviewed throughout the season so as to ensure training goals are reached and maximum performance can be extracted from the team/athlete.


Areas Covered in our Programs


1. Injury prevention
Functional Movement Screening, corrective exercises, mobility training

2. Nutrition advice and education

3. Speed
Accel, decel, running mechanics, footwork

4. Strength
Functional approach- Training the movement rather than the muscle

5. Power
Ballistic, plyometrics, jumping & landing techniques

6. Conditioning
Specific to the demands of each given sport

Functional Movement Screening

The Functional Movement Screen is essentially a preventative method used to screen for any potential problems that may cause future injury.


FMS identifies physical imbalances and weakness through a simple ranking and grading system that assesses movement patterns crucial to normal function. Screening movement identifies functional limitations and asymmetries that may decrease your ability to move correctly and limit your ability to train effectively and without injury. After an easy ten-minute assessment, your FMS will result in a Functional Movement Screen Score, which is linked to a set of corrective exercises used to restore correct movement patterns while building strength. Your score can also be monitored over time to track your progress and improvement as you work toward better movement.


The Benefits of FMS

When FMS is used to locate significant movement deficits, there are many benefits that result from prescribed corrective exercises, including:

1. Injury Prevention

2. Movement Pattern Restoration

3. Strength and Conditioning

4. Improved Balance


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is for anybody that wants to improve fitness or sports performance by obtaining a standardized approach to assessing your fundamental movement patterns, identifying your individual limitations and asymmetries, and resulting in your own individualized corrective exercise program.

Personal Training

Personal Training is an excellent option for someone who prefers a 1:1 coaching relationship as their primary form of training or for people with variable schedules. Your program and training schedule can be designed so that it caters to your individual needs and goals.


 If you have never tried working out, a personal trainer is the ultimate fitness coach. I will introduce you to simple effective routines and progressively build a solid foundation, which will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed.


Already in decent shape, but feel stuck in a rut and need some help getting your momentum back? Personal training is the perfect solution to kick-start both your motivation and your workout routine as well.


My personalised fitness training programs include :

1. Increase Accountability

2. Individualized Program Design

3. Reduce Body Fat and Lose Weight

4. Increase Energy

5. Increase Stamina and Flexibility

6. Better Balance and Mobility

7. Enhance Work, Recreation, and Sport Performance

TRX for Golf

Mastering the foundational movements of a basic golf swing is critical to creating consistency.  Without an easy-to-replicate swing, your ability to confidently hit the ball with accuracy and speed will diminish, as will your overall scores.

With me you can:

1. Train to reproduce key golf movement patterns

2. Train your shoulder girdle to fully rotate with strength and ease while staying connected to the ground.

3. Train muscle and movement patterns that create consistency while rotating the shoulder.


TRX for Tennis

The physical demands of tennis can take a toll on your joints if you don’t train to play.

TRX Suspension Training will help improve core stability, hip mobility and rotational strength for improved on-court performance.


Putting some time into your off-court training program using TRX will improve your rotational strength, multi-directional running, muscular endurance and power for your serve.

In short, it will take your tennis conditioning to the next level!

Cycle Coaching

Are you a competitive racing cyclist or triathlete or just looking to improve your best time in one of the many summer sportives?

If you want to be the best you can be as a cyclist/triathlete and are willing to challenge yourself to reach your goals then my individualized coaching service is for you.

I will provide you with the support, knowledge, training, advice and inspiration to take your fitness and racing to new heights, maximizing your potential.

My coaching programs are science based and are combined with WKO4 analytical software so that nothing is left to chance on the road to making you a better cyclist/triathlete. You will be amazed at the results I deliver.

Based on an assessment of your training history and an initial FTP test, I will prescribe a structured training program specific to your available time and realistic goals, which will aim to capitalise on your strengths and work to eliminate your weaknesses as a cyclist/triathlete.


Monthly training program (Power based only)

1. Training history & lifestyle assessment

2. Goal identification

3. Nutritional assessment and education

4. FTP test

5. Program prescription

6. Weekly training/racing data analysis


12 week event focused training program (Power or Heartrate based )

1. Training history assessment

2. FTP Test

3. Goal identification

4. Program prescription


Nutrition Plans

On a weight loss journey? I will be happy to advise a Nutritional Plan which combined with any of my classes will deliver faster results.